At WEB24, we are committed to helping you achieve greater sales success, increase your income and your  profits.
Our new affiliate program, NOMAD24, is designed to provide value to our mutual customers and allows resellers like you to achieve success by helping them gain autonomy and efficiency.

In an increasingly competitive market, developing a relationship with the right provider is not just important … is vital .

As a NOMAD24 reseller, you can expand your product portfolio and offer your customers a set of effective and innovative solutions. Participation in our network will give you a high level of knowledge of digital media.


Web development.

We build all kinds of web projects on the Internet with a high degree of technical quality. Our commercial team will help you open your market and develop an effective speech.


Ui/Ux Design.

Graphic design projects (editorial and exhibition, corporate image, communication and advertising), thanks to our professionals you can offer a wide range of services.


Seo & Marketing.

Provide all the keys to your customers to sell and communicate on the Internet. Get informed with our commercials to increase your knowledge. Our technicians will do the rest.

Suddenly you have a whole team of professionals at your service .

With the NOMAD24 program, we reward your investment with important financial benefits focused on improving your profitability, reducing your operating expenses, creating new revenue streams and helping you to be the most competitive.

We want to stay connected with you every step of the sales process

Our team helps you work more effectively and keep you informed about our broad product portfolio and market developments.


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Will I get competitive prices?

Our success for 20 years lies in 3 fundamental pillars that we never forget:

  • The quality of the products delivered: Always above the established, profitable and effective canons.
  • Customer service: We offer immediate solutions always with positive energy.
  • The price policy: Although we like to say that we offer “VALUE”, the truth is that we are in a very competitive ecosystem in which we have to stand out for “PRICE”.

Our team is composed of many nationalities, which helps us empathize with your needs. By way of example, we offer our services in countries as diverse as Thailand, Senegal, Canada, Colombia or the Dominican Republic.

The Benefits of NOMAD24

A business model without borders

Take advantage of our resources to help you fulfill your projects and close more deals. Our technicians offer you the technical information you need to develop your growth strategies, develop comprehensive solutions and launch the latest products

  • Marketing tools and resources that help you increase your recognition and generate sales opportunities.
  • Resources and sales tools that help you achieve your goals and close business deals.
  • A global and connected ecosystem with our team to better meet your integration needs.
  • Technical resources that allow you to offer more solid solutions and support your customers.
  • Big discounts in our catalog of products and services.

Experts in eCommerce 0%
Digital marketing 0%
Custom programming 0%
Mobile apps 0%


High Reseller - Start in 24h
$ 2990

  • Distributor Monthly: $ 90 / month
  • Licenses included: WEB24, SEO24, HACK24, COACH24, CITYBOX, ..
  • Services Included: Online Marketing, Pre Sale, Virtual Secretary, Landing page, Intranet, Support 7/7 ..

Payment methods accepted:

A unique franchise that operates in an unstoppable sector


Do you need a place to start?

Carry out your work without having to buy or rent a place or office is a great economic advantage. Anyway, if you already have a local property, and want to use it, you can do it anyway.

How much money do I need to start my activity?

Although WEB24 does not receive royalties, it is recommended to have enough financial resources to stay afloat for three to six months, when starting up the business. You should also be able to invest in marketing plans, for example, affiliate with commercial networks (eg Linkedin Pro, Internations, etc.).

Do I have to pay again if I want to renew?

The renewal is automatic and free. A new contract updated one month before the end date is sent so that your interests are legally protected.

What is the Presale service?

We include in your monthly payment not only a call center service to be able to help you attend your clients on commercial and technical matters, but you will also have at your service a commercial team that will help you in searching for new opportunities according to the criteria that you indicate.

What level of knowledge should I have?

You do not need to have deep knowledge about a specific area since you will receive enough information from our tutors to be able to develop your commercial work. Our goal is that you learn and can deepen any subject that interests you (web design, emarketing, cybersecurity, etc.).

Once you have purchased a WEB24 pack, you will receive:

    • 3 courses of our tutors by Skype with a duration of 90 minutes
    • Access to our Knowledge Base
    • Access to our Online Budgeting system
    • Your own personalized landing page
    • Blog with news and updates customized for you
    • Professional video courses on different topics
    • Graphic material, manuals, contracts, etc.
    • Support by email or continuous Skype

How do you get more customers?

The acquisition of customers is done in combination. On the one hand, the franchisee contributes contacts from its nearby area, and on the other hand, the franchise, from the central, brings clients captured using effective proven marketing strategies for more than two decades.

What is the duration of the contract?

The franchise agreement is valid for 5 years renewable automatically.

Is there some kind of geographic exclusivity?

The concept of Nomad24 is precisely to be able to offer you total freedom in the marketing areas of our products. For us it is very important to protect your commercial work and the link you have created with your clients, that is why every budget you have recorded in your CRM WEB24 will be maintained for 12 months. It is important to remember that WEB24 does not work with end customers and all direct contacts are forwarded to a local partner.

Can I sell under my own brand?

Many of our collaborators already have established brands with their communication agencies, such as bloggers, community managers, etc. And they offer our products benefiting from exceptional rates and personalized attention adapted to this situation.

Working anytime, anywhere

The question you should be asking yourself is not what you want or what your goals are, but what excites you.
Timothy Ferriss - Author of "The 4-hour work week"

A digital nomad is a person who uses internet to sell their products or knowledge to other people or companies. In other words, they work remotely, allowing them to be able to live a “nomadic life”, that is, to be able to live traveling.

Our collaborators are companies or people from any part of the world, which thanks to our work system can automate many points of business and use several resources that previously seemed accessible only to the rich. All this you have available on your laptop.

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