Festival CICLOPE

– International advertising film festival

CICLOPE Festival is the international conference, show, contest and festival dedicated to the creation of moving images. In recent years, it has become the ultimate platform for directors, creatives, artists, producers and entertainment professionals to connect, be inspired and catch up with the latest trends in storytelling.


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Festival Ciclope


Since 2016


– International events

A conference and an awards show merge into a two-day event filled with inspiring content and networking activities. The conference offers talks and inspiring case studies, with speakers such as David LaChalepelle, Sir John Hegarty, Tom Kuntz, Roman Coppola, Lance Acord and many other renowned international creatives. The award is an excellent showcase and celebration of the best of the year in commercials, music videos and short films.

To build bridges between industry, the festival also held three regional events:
CICLOPE Latino (in México), –
CICLOPE África (in Sudáfrica) –
CICLOPE Asia (in Japón). –

Held annually since 2010

The CICLOPE Festival, held annually since 2010, brings together in Berlin the best professionals in the world to share their ideas and knowledge, to discuss the main issues of the company, celebrate the best work and establish contacts with colleagues and customers. Due to the high level of people attending and their friendly reputation, many agree that the CICLOPE Festival is the best event for an effective and pleasant Networking.

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